Workshop at Eupen

Labour Day is not for idle folks, so you won’t find many of the species at Világfa.

For the long week-end of this 1st of May we travelled to Eupen to fuel ourselves with its invigorating air. With István Kis and Erika Kis-Demeter, the teachers of one of the best dance ensemble of Hungary, “Bem” we spent three days to learn the Hungarian dances of “Magyarszentbenedek” and the Romanian ones of “Harangláb”.

The Hungarian village must have known some archaic turbo technology, judging by the powerful spinning, the overwhelming momentum being the brand of this dance. One must also admit that István’s exuberance does not leave room for languishing about anyway.

The Romanian dances came with their typical asymmetric rhythm, which at first boggle the mind, but then rejoice the soul. The restless washed down the teaching with some free evening dancing from other well-known villages.

The cultural feast coincided with a couple of birthdays; it was sometimes difficult to tell apart work from partying.

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