Családi Cserkészfarsang és Táncház

he 82nd Báthory István Scout Organisation and the Viola Dance Ensemble welcome everyone to a carnival party that will last all afternoon and evening. 🎉 The programme starts at 2pm, with activities especially for families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦: insight into the world of scouting 👀, handicraft activities with Ági Ferencz 🎨 costume contest 🎭 tombola 🤩 The Gyantone band will put music in our ears 🎻 while Panni Demeter will show the little ones and their parents how to dance 💃 In the evening, from 7pm, the dance party will be gently taking over 🕺 With the dancers of Viola and the Gyantone band, everyone can experience how it feels to be dancing from East to West, from Somogy to Transylvania and to Moldova 🎶☺️

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